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Maasch, C., Buchner, K., Eulberg, D., Vonhoff, S. & Klussmann, S.
Physicochemical stability of NOX-E36, a 40mer L‑RNA (Spiegelmer) for therapeutic applications.
Nucleic Acids Symp.Ser. 2008, No. 52, 61-62.
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Deng, X., Klussmann, S., Wu, G.-M., Akkerman, D., Zhu, Y.-Q., Liu, Y., Chen, H., Zhu, P., Yu, B.-Z. & Zhang, G.-L.
Effect of LHRH-PE40 on target cells via LHRH receptors.
J. Drugetg Tar. 2008, Vol. 16(5), 379-388.
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Schlesinger, J., Koezle, I., Bergmann, R., Tamburini, S., Bolzati, C., Tisato, F., Noll, B., Klussmann, S., Vonhoff, S., Wuest, F., Pietsch, H. J. & Steinbach, J.
An 86Y-labeled mirror-image oligonucleotide: influence of Y-DOTA isomers on the biodistribution in rats.
Bioconjug. Chem. 2008, Vol. 19(4), 928-939.
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Ninichuk, V., Clauss, S., Kulkarni, O., Schmid, H., Segerer, S., Radomska, E., Eulberg, D., Buchner, K., Selve, N., Klussmann, S., & Anders, H.-J.
Late onset of Ccl2 blockade with the Spiegelmer mNOX-E36-3'PEG prevents glomerulosclerosis and improves glomerular filtration rate in db/db mice.
Am. J. Pathol. 2008, Vol. 172(3), 628-637.
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Becskei C, Bilik KU, Klußmann S, Jarosch F, Lutz TA, Riediger T.
The Anti-Ghrelin Spiegelmer NOX-B11-3 Blocks Ghrelin- but not Fasting-Induced Neuronal Activation in the Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus.
J Neuroendocrinol 2008, Vol. 20(1), 85-92.
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Eulberg, D., Purschke, W., Anders, H.-J., Selve, N. & Klussmann, S.
Spiegelmer NOX-E36 for Renal Diseases.
Therapeutic Oligonucleotides 2008, Ed. Jens Kurreck, Biomolecular Sciences Series of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

Bilik, K., Ergüven, E., Klußmann, S., Jarosch, F., Wielinga, P. Y., Lutz, T. A. & Riediger, T.
In vitro and in vivo antagonistic action of an anti-amylin Spiegelmer.
Neuroreport 2007, Vol. 18(17), 1855-1859.
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Bolik, S, Rübhausen, M., Binder, S., Schulz, B., Perbandt, M., Genov, N., Erdmann, V. A., Klußmann, S., & Betzel, C.
First experimental evidence for the preferential stabilization of the natural D- over the nonnatural L-configuration in nucleic acids.
RNA 2007, Vol. 13(11), 1877-1880
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Kulkarni, O., Pawar, R. D., Purschke, W., Eulberg, D., Selve, N., Buchner, K., Ninichuk, V., Segerer, S., Vielhauer, V., Klußmann, S., & Anders, H.-J.
Spiegelmer inhibition of CCL2/MCP-1 ameliorates lupus nephritis in MRL-(Fas)lpr mice.
J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 2007, Vol. 18, 2350-2358.
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Lai, J. C., Brown, B. D., Voskresenskiy, A M., Vonhoff, S., Klußmann, S., Tan, W., Colombini, M., Weeratna, R., Miller, P., Benimetskaya, L. & Stein, C. A.
Comparsion of D-g3139 and ist enantiomer L-g3139 in melanoma cells demonstrates minimal in vitro but dramtic in vivo chiral dependency.
Mol. Ther. 2007, Vol. 15(2), 270-278.
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