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Riecke K, Ludwig H, van Eijk L, Boyce M, Pickkers P, Macdougall I, Schwöbel F, Swinkels D.
Clinical Pharmacology, Efficacy, and Safety of the Anti-Hepcidin Spiegelmer Lexaptepid Pegol (NOX-H94).

European Iron Club
2014, Verona

Georgiev P, Lazaroiu M, Ocroteala L, Grudeva-Popova J, Gheorghita E, Vasilica M, Popescu S, Cucuianu A, Summo L, Schwoebel F, Riecke K, Ludwig H.
The Anti-Hepcidin Spiegelmer Lexaptepid Pegol (NOX-H94) as Treatment of Anemia of Chronic Disease in Patients with Multiple Myeloma, Low Grade Lymphoma, and CLL: a Phase II pilot Study.

European Hematology Association
2014, Milan

Steurer M, Montillo M, Scarfò L, Mauro FR, Andel J, Wildner S, Trentin L, Janssens A, Burgstaller S, Kruschinski A, Dümmler T, Riecke K, Ghia P, Caligaris-Cappio F, Gobbi M.
Results from a Phase IIa Study of the Anti-CXCL12 Spiegelmer Olaptesed Pegol (NOX-A12) in Combination with Bendamustine/Rituximab in Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

2014, San Francisco

Ludwig H, Weisel K, Petrucci MT, Leleu X, Cafro AM, Garderet L, Zojer N, Riecke K, Kruschinski A, Dümmler T, Foa R, Greil R, Yakoub-Agha I, Engelhardt M.
Final Results from the Phase IIa Study of the Anti-CXCL12 Spiegelmer Olaptesed Pegol (NOX-A12) in Combination with Bortezomib and Dexamethasone in Patients with Multiple Myeloma.

2014, San Francisco

Zboralski D, Vater A, Kruschinski A.
Comparison of Ibrutinib, Idelalisib and Olaptesed Pegol on the Immune Effector Function Mediated by Rituximab and Obinutuzumab.

2014, San Francisco

Georgiev P, Lazaroiu M, Ocroteala L, Grudeva-Popova J, Gheorghita E, Vasilica M, Popescu SM, Cucuianu A, Summo L, Schwoebel F, Riecke K, Ludwig H.
The anti-hepcidin Spiegelmer Lexaptepid Pegol (NOX-H94) as treatment of anemia of chronic disease in patients with multiple myeloma, low grade lymphoma, and CLL: A phase II pilot study.
Cancer Research. 2014, 74, 3847.
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van Eijk LT, John AS, Schwoebel F, Summo L, Vauléon S, Zöllner S, Laarakkers CM, Kox M, van der Hoeven JG, Swinkels DW, Riecke K, Pickkers P.
Effect of the antihepcidin Spiegelmer lexaptepid on inflammation-induced decrease in serum iron in humans.
Blood. 2014, 124(17), 2643-6.
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Steinbicker AU.
Comment on van Eijk et al
A novel treatment of anemia of inflammation.

2014, 124(17), 2618-19.
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Roccaro et al.
SDF-1 Inhibition Targets the Bone Marrow Niche for Cancer Therapy.
Cell Reports. 2014, 9(1), 118-28.
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Purschke WG, Hoehlig K, Buchner K, Zboralski D, Schwoebel F, Vater A, Klussmann S.
Identification and characterization of a mirror-image oligonucleotide that binds and neutralizes Sphingosine-1-Phosphate, a central mediator of angiogenesis.

Biochemical J.
2014, 462(1), 153-62.
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Jerlhag E, Ivanoff L, Vater A, Engel JA.
Peripherally circulating ghrelin does not mediate alcohol-induced reward and alcohol intake in rodents.

Alcohol Clin Exp Res.
2014, 38(4), 959-68.
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Ehling J, Bartneck M, Wei X, Gremse F, Fech V, Möckel D, Baeck C, Hittatiya K, Eulberg D, Luedde T, Kiessling F, Trautwein C, Lammers T, Tacke F.
CCL2-dependent infiltrating macrophages promote angiogenesis in progressive liver fibrosis.

2014, 63(12), 1960-71.
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Baeck C, Wei X, Bartneck M, Fech V, Heymann F, Gassler N, Hittatiya K, Eulberg D, Luedde T, Trautwein C, Tacke F.
Pharmacological inhibition of the chemokine C-C motif chemokine ligand 2 (monocyte chemoattractant protein 1) accelerates liver fibrosis regression by suppressing Ly-6C+ macrophage infiltration in mice.

2014,59(3), 1060-72.
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Yamamoto H, Qin Y, Achenbach J, Li C, Kijek J, Spahn CM, Nierhaus KH.
EF-G and EF4: translocation and back-translocation on the bacterial ribosome.

Nat Rev Microbiol.
2014, 12, 89-100.
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Liu S-C, Alomran R, Chernikova SB, Lartey F, Stafford J, Jang T, Merchant M, Zboralski D, Zöllner S, Kruschinski A, Klussmann S, Recht L, Brown JM.
Blockade of SDF-1 after irradiation inhibits tumor recurrences of autochthonous brain tumors in rats.

2014, 16(1), 21-28.
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Hoellenriegel J, Zboralski D, Maasch C, Rosin NY, Wierda WG, Keating MJ, Kruschinski A, Burger JA.
The Spiegelmer NOX-A12, a novel CXCL12 inhibitor, interferes with chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell motility and causes chemosensitization.

2014, 123(7), 1032-1039.
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Marasca R, Maffei R.
Comment on Hoellenriegel et al
NOX-A12: mobilizing CLL away from home.

2014, 123(7), 952-953.
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