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The launch of capital increase through preferential right issue comes with the subscription commitment for €2.7 million (gross). The guaranteed funds will extend the company’s cash runway past next clinical and regulatory milestones in Q1 2024 for the lead asset NOX-A12 in newly diagnosed brain cancer patients. The financial visibility will allow TME Pharma to receive feedback from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the Investigational New Drug (IND) filing and expedited regulatory pathways applications in the US, such as Fast-Track. Warrants associated with the transaction offer potential to raise an additional €2.2 million (gross) and extend cash runway into September 2024 if fully exercised.
Required by the investor group guaranteeing the transaction, the company will use part of the proceeds to repurchase 898 out of 1,898 outstanding convertible bonds and subjects the remaining 1,000 convertible bonds to a lock-up until April 1, 2024, in exchange for a flat fee.
The operation offers current shareholders subscription rights to participate in capital raise issuing shares with warrants attached and maintain their holding in the company without being diluted.

Key Preferential Rights Issue details:

  • Preferential subscription right: 1 preferential subscription right (PSR) will be awarded for 1 ordinary share held on November 27, 2023
  • Subscription rate: Each 3 PSRs give right to subscribe for 5 ABSA Y (5 new shares with 5 Warrants Y attached)
  • Subscription price: €0.25 per ABSA Y
  • Subscription period: From November 30 to December 11, 2023 (inclusive)
  • Issuance date: December 18, 2023

ABSA are shares with warrants attached. There are two types of ABSA: ABSA Y, containing one new share and one Warrant Y, and ABSA Z, containing one new share and one Warrant Z.

Warrants Y: 

  • Each series of 5 Warrants Y entitle a holder to subscribe for 2 ABSA Z (2 new shares with 2 Warrants Z attached)
  • Warrant Y will have an exercise price of €0.25
  • Warrant Y maturity: February 16, 2024, with two periods of exercise. Warrants Y that have not been exercised by the end of the exercise period will become null and void. See Warrants Terms & Conditions for further details.

Warrants Z: 

  • Each series of 4 Warrants Z entitle a holder to subscribe for 5 new shares
  • Warrant Z will have an exercise price of €0.20 per share
  • Warrant Z maturity: June 30, 2025, with one period of exercise per quarter. Warrants Z that have not been exercised by the end of the final exercise will become null and void, without value. See Warrants Terms & Conditions for further details.
Settlement date Warrants exercised Shares issued Exercise value
Jan 23, 2024 974,365 Warrants Y 389,746 € 97,437
Feb 23, 2024 8,539,955 Warrants Y 3,415,982 € 853,996
Mar 28, 2024 479,624 Warrants Z 599,530 € 119,906
Exercise potential of outstanding warrants
latest on June 20, 2025 3,326,104 Warrants Z 4,157,630 € 831,526

More information related to the capital increase can be found in the following materials:

Press Releases:


2024, March 28
08:00 a.m.
TME Pharma provides results of first exercise of Warrants Z

2024, February 23
08:00 a.m.
TME Pharma provides results of final exercise of Warrants Y: Additional €854k raised and extension of cash runway from May into July 2024

2024, January 23
06:00 p.m.
TME Pharma provides update on number of outstanding shares and warrants following first Warrant Y exercise period

2023, December 14
08:00 a.m.
TME Pharma announces results of successful capital increase with preferential subscription rights for €2.7 million

2023, November 28
08:00 a.m.
TME Pharma announces the initiation of the listing of preferential subscription rights for fully guaranteed €2.7 million capital increase

2023, November 24
06:00 p.m.
TME Pharma launches fully guaranteed €2.7 million preferential rights issue with warrants attached combined with buyback of convertible debt

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